1) Q: Do Irrigation systems become obsolete?
A: No, but some of the parts may be discontinued, however the newer replacement parts are designed to fit almost all of the Irrigation systems.

2) Q: Can Boreholes be installed and use rainwater tanks as a water supply?
A: Yes borehole can be installed to make use of rain water tanks but these are for garden watering use mainly.

3) Q: Can Boreholes run dry?
A: Boreholes very seldom run dry as they do not run on the water tables or reservoirs like municipal water, they use the water from the river systems that are below ground and many of these have a supply of up to twenty thousand litres a day.

4) Q: How long can a boreholes last.
A: Boreholes can run and last for many many years depending on their upkeep.

5) Q: Can Borehole stop working?
A: Borehole do not really stop working they can however become blocked by rust or sediment that can come into the line or should a pump or motor stop working properly thereby needing to be replaced or repaired. Once this is all taken care of your borehole will be back to perfect working condition.

6) Q: Do Irrigation systems allow for better watering than a standard sprinkler.
A: With an Irrigation system this is set up to water the area and give the best coverage in the area however with standard sprinklers there is always a part of the garden that will mostly likely be missed when watering.