Organic Eggs and Organic Poultry

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Organic Eggs and Organic Poultry

Organic eggs are easily available in South Africa. Most of the large chain stores sell free range eggs, a few of them sell organic eggs. These eggs are more expensive than battery eggs (eggs grown in layer cages using battery farming techniques). To call an egg organic or free range there are certain criteria which must be followed – through out the supply chain. The most important part is the growing and raising of the poultry. Free range eggs are not the same as organic eggs. Many people are ignorant to this fact and presume that they are the same. All organic eggs are free range but free range eggs or free range poultry is not organic. Organic means that the entire supply chain, form food, production, transport, care and housing is all organic.

Organic Farming is a very strictly monitored process and it is not a simple thing to become organically certified. It is relatively easy to call your eggs or chickens free range – this means that the poultry and layers or broilers have access tho the outside – fresh air and sunshine. They are allowed to forage naturally – but the food and medication you give them can be harmful to both humans and chickens. Obviously one cannot use factory farming techniques such as layer cages, as these are where chickens are kept cooped for the life of the bird. Free Range chickens will be kept in a free range chicken house – this is a poultry houses that allows the chickens access to the outside environment.

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