Organic Chicken Feed

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Organic Chicken Feed

Organic feed for poultry

Organic chickens must eat organic food

Organic chicken food is not available in South Africa. All chicken feed in South Africa uses grains from South Africa, and all South African grain is contaminated by GMO’s. With the result that anyone planning to grow organic poultry or organic eggs must grow their own organic chicken feed. PGSSA, the South African branch of PGS (Participatory Guarantee Systems) is busy drafting regulations and standards for South Africa. Due to the fact that GMO is so prevalent in South Africa, PGSA may allow chicken food to contain GMO when raising chickens. This would mean that many chicken farmers in South Africa may begin to provide eggs and chickens that are as close to organic as is possible in South Africa. As soon as Organic chicken food is available the standard will be changed. And until the world swings in favour of sustainable farming practises across all farming sectors and embraces thegreen economy, no amount of small farmers doing organic farming will help.

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  2. Daniel Miyambo says:

    I need chicken foods for layer, where can i get chicken feed at a reasonable price. My farm will be in Limpopo at Malamulele. I am residing in that pronvince, so I can not spend more on transport for buying foods.

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