Free Range Chicken Houses

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Free range chicken houses are very similar to normal poultry houses. The main difference between a free range chicken houses and a normal chicken house is the ability of the chickens to access the outside. A free range poultry house has flaps on the side which are opened so that the chickens can wander in and out at will. Placing day olds in a free range chicken house does not make them organic chickens – there are other regulations which must be fulfilled before you van call them organic chickens, or organic eggs if your are farming layer chickens. The diet you feed the poultry, the medication you give your chickens, and the number of birds that live in the chicken coop all need to fit within the framework of “organic”. Where you buy you food, how much of that food is grown at the location you are organic farming make a difference.

Layer cages cannot be used in free range egg farming. They also cannot be used when organic chicken farming. You will need to use nest boxes in your poultry house if you are growing organic eggs. Broilers will need access to light and air and have access to the outside most of the time. Free range and organic are not the same – although organic chickens are also free range poultry. The poultry equipment used in free range farming and in organic chicken farming is, in most cases the same. Some techniques, such as de-beaking are not allowed. Cramming 15 or 20 birds per square meter is a no no – most of it is common sense – how would you treat a pet – with care and love – this is what most of the science of free range and organic poultry is based on.